Trend Watch For Dresses & Kaftans : Beachwear Tropical Sun Dresses

Some old, some new. Some color, some sparkle. Here are the top style trends for dresses and kaftans that we can expect to see in 2019. Goga tells you what to update your wardrobe with…

Kaftans: This high-fashion item never goes out of style. Loose and cool, chic and trendy… kaftans are here to stay. They are versatile and fuss-free too - clinch them at the waist with a belt or throw them over as a cover-up and they go from daywear to glam wear. Animal, tie-dye and floral prints are on trend.

Tie-Dye: These colorfully stained clothes are the trend to ‘dye’ for in 2019. From beach dresses and kaftans to T-shirts, this hippie print of yesteryear promises to make a comeback. Go ahead and replace the pretty pastels and monochromes in your wardrobe with tie-dye. Who doesn’t love a heady rush of technicolor?

Trend Watch For Dresses & Kaftans

Embellished Elegance: Beads, sequin or sparkle… embellishment adds drama like nothing else. Expect to see it on everything from bell sleeves to wide V-necks, and on all fabrics though it especially stands out on sheer. Time to shine bright!

Trend Watch For Dresses & Kaftans 

Kimono cover-ups: The versatility of cover-ups makes it a trend here to stay, especially the easy-to-wear kimono silhouette. Kimono capes, kimono beachwear or resort wear… the right accessories can make it go from cover-up to cocktail dress. Stay cool.

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Landscape imagery: From outdoor scenery to beachside imagery, pictorials are the new prints on kaftans and dresses. Wild Summer and Brown Aztec are some of the landscape prints ruling the fashion palette. Bring the outdoors indoors.

Tiered Dresses: Expect this show-stopping trend to climb its way to then top of the style-o-meter. From evening gowns to sunset dresses to swimsuits, tiered dresses work the camouflage like magic. What’s more? Tiered dresses are made for twirling so put that Slo-Mo feature on your smartphone to good use!

Trend Watch For Dresses & Kaftans