Comfy and Trendy Beach Cover Ups for Summer Travel Plans

Comfy and Trendy Beach Cover Ups for Summer Travel Plans.

Vacation travels involving tropical Islands and beaches remains the world's premier vacation destination. As per few estimates, The estimated travelers just to Florida during the first six months of the year is 68.9 million, which makes the beach and Cruise vacations as preferred travels for people seeking Sun Bathes.

Beach cover ups are a must for days on the waterfront, and they can be so much more than a caftan or sarong! From cotton trousers to silk dresses, you’ll find something here to fit your style and look effortless while you’re on summer vacation.

Beach Cover Ups

Are you heading to the beach Resort anytime soon? Or maybe you’re hanging out by the pool or lounging by the lake?? No matter your plans, we have you covered… literally! 😉 we rounded up the best cover-ups! by Goga Swimwear.

Do you have summer travel plans to a tropical destination? If you’re packing your bags this spring or summer, chances are there’s a beach involved! Since there’s nothing that bogs down a trip more than over packing, keep it minimal in your suitcase and pack vacation clothes that can do double duty.

This season, there are tons of different cover up options that are worth investing in depending on whether you prioritize the ease of dressing, style, or flexibility. Whether you have a tropical vacation in the books or are invited to a last minute pool party, we rounded up some of my must-have swimsuit cover ups that are incredibly easy to throw on top of your bathing suit. These easy, breezy styles look great on the beach and by the pool, but they’re just as good on a hot summer day.

Summer Beach Kaftan

Beach Cover Ups

They are loosely-fit, yet always flattering, and freely-flowing. Despite what some people think, women included, kaftans are not only suitable for the beach. Although it is a great beachwear piece, a kaftan can be much more than that. In fact, you can easily impress and turn heads wearing a kaftan regardless of the occasion. You just need to style it right. Let us see where and how you can wear one and look gorgeous all day long.

 Kimono Cover Ups

Beach Cover Ups

Out of all of these beach cover ups, kimonos are the easiest to take on and off because they are very open and airy. Some are cardigan versions others are pullover. Most important, kimonos are usually made of sheer fabric and are very open and flowing - perfect for a day on the beach, at the pool, or even lounging on a boat!

Kimonos also transition easily to streetwear. Just layer them over a tank and jeans and you’ve got a very pulled together (but still comfortable) look!

Sheer Lace Cover Ups

Beach Cover Ups

Do you know what’s better than wearing a swimsuit? Being covered up in a swimsuit 😉 There’s something about throwing on a cute little cover-up that can instantly boost one’s confidence at the beach, pool or in the kitchen come dinner time after a day of rockin’ a suit. Whether it be a pullover, wrap, romper or maxi – there’s a style for everybody this summer.You'll love all of the lace details in this cover-up! There's nothing more chic than a semi-sheer dress with a bikini top for dinner or wide-leg pants that can go just about anywhere with you.

Maxi Dresses

Beach Cover Ups

A maxi dress can work double duty as a swimsuit coverup or for a night out. The beauty of the summer dress is that almost any style could work as a beach cover up if you want it to! From Animal to floral and eyelet to crochet, they’re the perfect combination of a dress and a cover up, allowing you to transition from the beach to a restaurant for lunch. Plus, it gives your favorite summer dress another purpose. This cover up option is also great if you are going to a more social gathering such as a daytime pool club or a brand event.

Bohemian Beachwear

Beach Cover Ups

For an Endless Summer Love, Check our Boho Fashion Styles. The term “bohemian” or “boho”, when referenced in the fashion world incites colorful images of flowing maxi dresses, intricate embroidered tops, billowy silhouettes, and easy-going-vibes. Bohemian style clothing is timeless and it’s influence reaches across all genres of fashion. 

Goga Swimwear designers embrace their inner boho by designing flattering, femme women’s clothing that’s easy-to-wear, with subtle and pretty details throughout. When we say, “easy” we truly mean styles with no-thought-required, from flattering tie-dye kimonos, wide-leg beach pants, and embroidered shorts, to elegant maxi dresses, lace beach cover ups, playful jumpsuits and floral print blouses. We pride ourselves on our boho chic designs, and our customers appreciate it!

Beach Cover Ups

The key to a good beach cover up is to get something that is easily slipped on and off over your bathing suit – some would even say practical! You'll love the effortless style of these looks.


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