Cover-Ups From Beach To Street, Road To Resort - Part 1 | Swim Coverups

Swimwear has radically evolved over the years. From grandma bathing suits to barely-there bikinis, the style-o-graph of swimsuits has seen sharp curves and dips, trends that stay and trends that go, and some that swim their way back.

Shoppers have evolved too. Today’s swimwear dictionary for the discerning shopper includes not just swimwear but also what goes over it: the perfect cover-up.

What is a swimsuit cover-up? It is a piece of clothing that can be slipped over swimwear for the purpose of protection from UV rays, ease of moving between venues like the beach to the street or simply upstyling your look in an instant.

In this two-part series, Goga Swimwear, from the house of La Moda Clothing, picks 10 stylish cover-ups that you will be stoked to wear!


Off The Shoulder Beach Cover-Up: These dresses have an edge over others. In off the shoulder beachwear, the focus shifts from the waist to the shoulders giving one a chance to show off those toned collar bones. Casual yet chic, simply slip them over the bathing suit and head from surf time to shopping time. 

Off The Shoulder Beach Cover-Up


Crochet Long/ Short Cover-up: There are no two ways about it – crochet is sexy and how! More so when it is a black or white cover-up dress. Wear a pop colored Goga luxury bikini set underneath and let the sparks fly with your flame!

Crochet Long/ Short Cover-up


Striped Beach Shirt Dress: Button this baby up, slip a belt around the waist and go from beachwear to brunch date in an instant. Tussle the locks to look untamed. Messy hair, don’t care!


 Striped Beach Shirt Dress

Embroidered Beach Cover-Up: Looking for a little something that’s intricate and delicate? Let embroidery works its magic as it turns a simple dress into a style stunner with detailed thread work.

Embroidered Beach Cover-Up


Block Printed Cold Shoulder Dress: Block prints lend a rough and rustic look to the fabric with their less-precise outlines. Stamp that on a cold-shoulder cover-up complete with tassels and bell-sleeves and you have a winner. Bold yet simple.

Block Printed Cold Shoulder Dress