Sashay In Silk - Luxury Resort Wear Dresses in Viscose Silk

They’re finally here! Designer silk dresses have sashayed their way into Goga Swimwear, the exclusive retail outlet of world-famous La Moda brand. Keep those satin gowns for another day… the delicate flow of viscose silk dresses is here to stay! Here are some styles to shop for on Goga Swimwear:

Two-Slit Maxi Dress: What’s sexier than a slit? A double slit! This animal print maxi dress in silk flashes just the right amount of skin be it thigh-high or deep-neck. Paw deep into your purse because this baby’s a definite buy!

Sashay In Silk with Designer Silk Dresses

Backless High Jungle Print: Keep the style game strong this season by going ‘back’ to basics. Nothing turns heads like a backless designer dress that flaunts a flawless back. Tied together by a halter-neck tassel string, pair it with heels or flats depending on the occasion.

Sashay In Silk with Designer Silk Dresses | Goga Swimwear

High-Low Hem Silk Dress: Fluffy ruffles from the waist down sets this designer silk dress apart. The high-low hemline cascades like a waterfall creating a sense of movement. Imagine a Slo-Mo twirl video for Instagram in this dress… likes guaranteed! Pair it with an anklet for gypsy vibes.Sashay In Silk with Designer Silk Dresses | by Goga Swimwear

Empire Waist Slit Maxi Dress: This designer silk dress from Goga Swimwear elegantly nips the bustline lending it a high-waist appearance. The viscose silk fabric makes the dress fall slenderly down the body, flattering the feminine curves, and ending above the ankle. The multi-animal print and high slits add oomph and how!Sashay In Silk with Designer Silk Dresses | from Goga Swimwear

Available in all sizes, these designer silk dresses make for fresh fashion. Grab them from Goga and be the first to make a statement.