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Why & How Kaftans Came To Be In Vogue

Let's say you have got a pool party coming up, the kind that demands a proper look. An evening where a considerable number of people who look good at parties will bring their A-game. A party that has already provoked an advance period of "what are we gonna wear" discussions with other guests. In other words, the kind of party that is a full-blown wardrobe crisis waiting to happen.

Now, wouldn't you be glad if you knew exactly what you wanted to wear? Or, if you were familiar with the look that will capture the zeitgeist but not be fashion victim-ish, glamorous but not too self-conscious. Here’s our solution, Kaftan dresses!

Kaftan dresses are super comfortable and trendy; you don't even have to worry about wearing heels with it as well. And the best part? As there's no waistband to do up, it requires zero beach body ready nonsense.

The Evolution of Kaftans

The Kaftan is traditionally a unisex garment with a storied global heritage (mostly a hot weather garment steeped in history, with roots in what was then called Mesopotamia). It just refuses to peg fabulousness to a particular dress size and will feel right in a way that no wiggle-into-it-skimpy number does. There are kaftans for men as well but they are more simpler and miss the feminine details.

Kaftan dresses are chiefly free-flowing loose gowns associated with royal gaiety. When a woman wears a Kaftan, she takes up physical space and doesn't whittle herself down to the capacity of a pair of Spanx. Not only is she comfortable and can dance, but she also brings with her a bit of the 1966-era mood music. We can all agree that wearing a traditional party dress (like an LBD, if you will) feels a bit basic. If the style slogan for these many years has been "The Future Is Female" — as seen on a trillion T-shirts — we should all make the message of the coming years loud and clear — The Woke Wear Kaftans!

Until a couple of years ago, the Kaftan was frankly naff. A symbol of exoticism and a bohemian lifestyle, over the years it has evolved to be a catchall term in fashion for almost any kind of loose-fitting tunic. It's often used to describe so many different types of garments of the North African or Middle eastern origination — for instance, the djellaba, abaya, and burnouse.

In Europe and North America, Kaftans were rarely in trend, worn only by a small number of travelers and eccentrics who bought them from exotic expeditions as part of the fad for Orientalism and Turkish style interiors during the 19th century. It was not until the 1950s that it appeared in high fashion and was being rampantly adapted by French couturiers including Christian Dior and Balenciaga as a new, stylish form of a loose-fitting gown for evening soirees.

Now, almost all stores are offering super chic kaftan dresses for women to choose from, and that too, at highly discounted rates! Like an enormous pair of shades, the Kaftan has a double-edged don't-look-at-me or look-at-me vibe.

Kaftans are made from almost any and every fabric. Most are, however, made of wool, silk or cotton, and are bound with a sash. Primarily worn in hot climates, the Kaftan's relatively loose silhouette helps proper ventilation and lowers the body temperature (though Russians have a similar garment also called a Kaftan made of fur).

The Perks of Kaftan Dresses

Kaftan dresses are laid-back, but they also flirt with danger in their anything-goes vibe. Its appeal is bound up in that of vacations spent by a beach/pool with a glass of roséand has been boosted likewise by the elevation of what we wear on beach holidays. Maybe a few years back wearing earrings on the beach would have been considered a tad bit eccentric, but now it is quite the norm. Similarly, today a significant amount of spending on beachwear is on cover-ups and kaftans.

The beachwear long Kaftan reinvented as languorous party-wear translates way better to real life. Today, there are many multicolored prints, floral patterns, or ornate designs adorning a Kaftan dress and a bewildering array of other design features like the addition of Kimono sleeves on the dress and V-neckline.


With their "one size fits all'' design, they are the first choice for women across all body types and age groups. For years, women's bodies have sought all kinds of emancipation vis-a-vis clothes that the fashion industry had denied them entirely and absolutely. Not to imply that clothes in any way play an essential part in women's empowerment, but every woman deserves to feel strong, confident, beautiful and empowered, and choices in clothing definitely help.


They are breezy and light as they are made of soft fabrics like polyester and cotton. The material used is super soft on the skin. If you wish to go to a pool party and chill, these are the ultimate go-to option and ideal to wear for any casual occasion. If you are taking a trip or going shopping or hosting a fab house party or about literally anything else, wearing Kaftan dresses will make you feel not just classy but also confident about yourself.


With a lot of designs to choose from, they are the most vibrant and colorful wear you'll ever come across. Also, many of them feature embroidered threads, funky designer prints, or bright beads. The stunning throw of random and imaginary images strewn together to form a quaint art, while multicolored kaftan dresses accentuate your overall look. And, the best part is that beachwear Kaftan dresses will protect you from sunburns when you are out on the beach.

You should own a Kaftan dress because of its sheer versatility. For everyday wear or special events, a Kaftan dress brings a dose of casual elegance to your wardrobe. From classic black and white to eye-catching brights and pretty prints, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

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